My toddler twins are now 20 months and although late walkers I am proud to announce we can all start to walk holding hands! I went to the G.P., the physio and pediatrician and they gave the girls the “all clear” but still we are waiting for them to break free and run. I think the older they get and more independent they become and if they have not already learned to walk they can just be stubborn and say “no.” Crawling is just as easy but we are trying.

Besides the walking milestone, I am amazed every day of the new words and capability to learn at this age. I was so excited when they started to recognize shapes and play with puzzles, sing songs and when you test them on animal sounds they can give you an answer. They are just a joy to play with that I miss them even more when I am at work but can also see some educational benefits of the two days in daycare.

From great sleepers (6pm t0 6am) in their first year, this year their sleep through the night has not been of great pleasure. From sickness, to teething, to “I have no idea what is wrong screaming,”  the girls continue to take turns to repeatably wake up during the night. On average I am up  3-4 times a night which is very frustrating. At the moment they just scream and point for me to take them to the rocking chair in the lounge room for extra cuddles  where they just curl up with me until I lumber them back to their cots. Although nice, it is becoming a habit that I really need to go something about.

I am reminded everyday that their second birthday is coming round fast and I reflect on where we were this time last year. On Tuesday we sat down and did the Australian census online. It was 5 years since the last one. I had moved three times in the last five years and from a family of me to a little family of 4, we registered ourselves. I wonder where we will be in the next 5 years but for the minute I enjoy today – holding hands at the beach.


Twins walking

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