There are single people all over the world looking for love.  No matter how many times they’ve been hurt or experienced disheartening break ups, they still long for that deep, intimate connection with another person.  The desire to share life with a person in which they have a lot in common with is very strong, so they go on date after date seeking their soul mate.Law of attraction love

Oftentimes though, they walk away from dates disappointed because they don’t find that special connection that they are looking for.  The dates may be friendly and thoughtful, but the deep connection is absent.  This can lead to a great deal of frustration and other negative emotions.

It very well could be that these people are not tapping into the law of attraction for love.  The law of attraction is a law that asserts that like attracts like.  It basically means that positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative.  In the form of relationships and love, one can use the law of attraction in attracting his or her desired soul mate.

Plenty of men and women believe they have a soul mate.  They may even have a picture in mind of what this person might look like or how they might act.  This is important for the law of attraction to work because one’s thoughts are the key to attracting positive things into life.

To tap into the law of attraction for love, you must first evaluate your present feelings toward love in general and the relationships you’ve had in the past.  If your spirit is carrying grief, anger, guilt, or other negative emotions, the law of attraction asserts that you will really be attracting those into your life that have the same negative feelings.

Take some time to heal from old wounds and give yourself permission to let go of negative emotions.  Sometimes relationships simply go sour and many lessons can be learned from each relationship.  Focus on the positive aspects of any past relationships and remember the good times.

Your essence has a certain vibrational frequency that ideally should be a high frequency.  This way, according to the law of attraction, your high vibes will be attracting others into your life with high vibes.  I’m sure you’ve met people with high energy and vibes. Doesn’t their positivity and high energy make you feel a bit more attracted to their personality?  It makes sense. Positivity leaves an impression on people.

In utilizing the law of attraction for love, begin to visualize your loving, thoughtful, successful soul mate.  You can even write down the qualities you want in your mate and thank the universe ahead of time for your lover.  Feel happy inside knowing that your thoughts and feelings of expectancy are really attracting your soul mate. You could meet him or her at any moment, at any place.  Some soul mates will tell you they met in the most unexpected places!

When you think and feel happy, the law of attraction is at work for you.  Your thoughts help you create your life. You are a powerful creator.  Monitor your thoughts on a daily basis and be sure they line up with what you want in life.

Feel free to walk around saying, “I am very thankful for my awesome soul mate!”  Wake up with passion and excitement daily fully expecting to meet your soul mate that day.  Before you know it you will in fact be face to face with the man or woman who is a vibrational match and ready and willing to share your life with you.

How have you used the law of attraction for love to find your partner?