Work at Home Mum WAHM BlogHop 1

Work at Home Mum WAHM BlogHop 1

Hello and welcome to my first Work at Home Mum (WAHM) Bloghop! One of the forums I do contribute to is an acronym for Work at home Mum (Australian) or Mom and while reading one of the threads the resident bloggers were discussing the enthusiasm to join in a bloghop so I thought what the heck, lets see if I can host my first. So ta da! HERE it is. I have participated in bloghops in the past and usually there are a whole heapsĀ  of rules but as I sit here on a lovely Saturday night, sipping my glass of wine, and looking around my new office, I have decided on no rules except I am looking for genuine posts from mum and dad bloggers whom work from home.

WAHMI have just moved into my new place and slowly been unpacking my new study. I think half my boxes were my books. I graduated from undergraduate over ten years ago but I still carry my massive chemistry, biology and immunology text books with me. I don’t have the heart to throw them out. My favourite shelves are now about investments, business and law of attraction. As a working mum in and out of the home a good education is a must and your blogs is also part of my education. So link away1!

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  1. Hi Lisa! I totally related to the book collection. I have a collection of journal articles and resources around community development that is coming up 10 years old that I can’t bring myself to toss out in case I need it in the future! There is an awful lot of photocopying there I don’t have the heart to throw out. You’ve inspired me to revisit it though, and start culling. There’s only so much a home office can hold!

  2. Hi Krishna, Thanks so much for dropping by. LOL My honours degree was researching Chlamydia in the Koala. For years I carried all the literature with me and now I have it still down to a few dusty ring binders. My computer is holds all the files. It was also ten years ago… but doubt will ever ever read it again.

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