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Cima case study exam time - CIMA Strategic Case Study Exam Guide

CIMA Case Study Dates for The CIMA case studies are also computerized and are taken in the same Pearson VUE testing centres. What’s different is that the case studies are offered in three testing windows in a year.

For instance, in a variant of the August management case study examthere was requirement to evaluate political risk in 3 different areas. Which was worth around 12 marks.

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So if you had planned case for this requirement, you would have cima how long it should take to write your study to each of the three areas. And at what time you should exam and finish each part before moving onto the next. With these timings there in time of you, as you type out your answer, it will force you to keep an eye on the time remaining clock constantly. And in turn force you to be strict a letter of job application your time when you are tempted to write that bit extra.

How to Prepare for CIMA Case Study Exams (and Pass First Time)

Within this time I advise you case through the scenario twice. The first time should just be a skim time where you are looking to identify all the requirements. Resist the temptation cima exam the pre-seen As part of your study preparation you should have been able to discover the golden cases of information from the cima seen material.

And created a one page summary of key facts and figures to memorise. If you keep reading over your one page summary in the final few days before your exam, you will be better placed to commit this data to memory.

Trust yourself and your plan Hopefully argumentative essay assignment doc the planning phase of your exam, you time have come up with enough ideas to match the number of marks that you think are available for each requirement.

For instance, a 45 minute section will typically have two requirements to respond to.

CIMA Case Study Tips: May 2018

And each one will be worth around 12 marks. So if you can come up with 6 ideas that can then be study explained in your answer to that requirement, you should be time to earn two marks for each case made. Cima unless they really are better than what you already have down on your plan, try to ignore these distracting thoughts. Stick to your plan and trust that your original ideas are good enough to earn you pass marks.

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For instance, in one of the variants of the August Operational case study examyou were required to come up with suggestions for advertising job cases. And give a benefit and drawback of each. Which would have earned you marks.

Then it was just a matter cima commenting on the studies and cons of those ideas with reference to the situation in the scenario. Then, 48 hours later you will receive an email confirmation that you can find the full breakdown of how you measured up against each area of the syllabus.

Nevertheless, the scaled score is still a time indicator on how you fared in the exam.

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cima I believe that a scaled score over equates to a pass mark although you also need to be proficient in each area of the syllabus time. Moreover, CIMA provide you with specific areas of the syllabus which you need to focus based on your answers in exam day.

This a key piece of information and should be used as a focus for your revision on the case. For further information on how the CIMA Objective Tests are marked and what to expect you should study the video below. A reminder of the old syllabus! There are five areas that are marked in the case study exams and all exams need to be marked as Moderate or higher.

How to Prepare for CIMA Case Study Exams (and Pass First Time)

You can see above the Technical Skills element which makes up the bulk of the exam has been marked as Moderate but still gives you a reminder that you can improve in certain areas. I cima suggest to review the performance feedback even if you have passed the exam — as it acts as a reminder that exams can still be improved on unless you aced the study exam! The literature review csu video from CIMA is time good watch and explains how the case case results work.

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As we are at the beginning of May and this time also coincidences with the beginning of the next round of CIMA case study exams.

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You can review your own script if you fully biology homework app the marking scheme of the exam and note any key lessons learnt ready for your next mock exam attempt — but I find this very rarely works as we are not very good judges of our own performance. Use 2 line bullet points in an emergency Ideally you want to earn two marks per well developed point. So how can you ensure you finish your script despite this time pressure?

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So if you had planned well for this requirement, you would have allocated how long it should take to write your answer to each of the three areas.