visualize abundanceIf you come across a highly successful and abundant person, chances are that success for that individual started first in his or her mind.  The person took time to visualize success and abundance over and over until the vision manifested and became a reality.

Thoughts create reality.  You are a product of the thoughts you have been thinking up until this point in life.  If you’re experiencing success and abundance, then your thoughts have primarily been positive.  If you’re experiencing distress, frustration, depression, or failure, then your thoughts have primarily been negative.  These assumptions can be made because there is a law operating in the universe called the Law of Attraction.  This law means that what you think about and visualize comes true.

Visualization plays a tremendous role in creating and shaping our future.  Plenty of successful actors, athletes, businessmen, and so on will tell you that they saw themselves succeeding years before they ever did.  They took all sorts of time to day dream about walking in success and abundance. Their thoughts, words, and actions lined up with their goals, so the law of attraction was at work in their lives making it all happen.

Write down your goals.

It’s time for you to begin visualizing your way to abundance.  The first thing you can do is write down your goals. What do you want?  Be specific and thorough. If you want to become CEO of your company, visualize yourself sitting in the CEO’s office working hard.  See yourself gazing out the CEO’s window at the beautiful view, smiling big and feeling very satisfied.

Be persistent.

Let’s say you’ve been visualizing your way to abundance for a week or two and you aren’t seeing the manifestation you thought you would. It’s all right.  You must not get frustrated and give up.  It may take a month or it may take two years- the key is to be persistent and keep the momentum moving forward.  Continue to visualize what it is you want and continue to take action steps toward your way to abundance.  You cannot get lazy. There will be hurdles and obstacles, but you can and must overcome them.

Talk about your goals.

Make it a point to talk about success, abundance, and each goal specifically often.  People should look at you and think, that guy knows what he wants! By talking about your vision, you are creating a forward momentum toward awesome accomplishments.  As you speak positively, the law of attraction is at work bringing you positive people, situations, and favor to help you on your journey.

Stay motivated.

It is possible to be tempted to slow down or lose your vision over time, so it is important that you find ways and means to keep you motivated.  Go to seminars, read books, listen to audio, hire a Life Coach, etc.  Find a friend who will go for the gold with you and hold each other accountable.  Both of you can visualize your way to abundance!

Send me a comment below and reply how do you Visualize Abundance?

visualize abundance

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