Your 2013 Personal Vision Statement

Your 2013 Personal Vision Statement

Happy New Year! I know I am writing a day late. We spent this year jumping on a bus up to Surfers Paradise, sitting at a kid friendly restaurant to watch the early fireworks, before lugging sleepy children through the partying crowds back home again by 10pm .

I am looking forward to 2013. But as I usually do in January it is time to pause and reflect and put out fresh intentions for a new year. What is my personal vision statement for 2013 and how does it differ from a goal or resolution?

For years I have listed my goals in a freshly minted diary. With my brand new pen in hand I would neatly write my name and address, meticulously marked the new year birthdays of all my family, highlight key holidays, re-write my budget and then copied over similar financial and career goals from the year before as I had not quite achieved them. I have never been one for resolutions however I think I have indulged a little too much this past month as my clothes are starting to feel a little too tight, the tell tale sign of too much alcohol and larger portion sizes and not enough exercise. So I will start 2013 back on an Isagenix 30 day nutritional cleanse and I am looking forward to enrolling in new boxing classes but I have no desire to rehash the common resolution of “lose weight resolution.” Blah.

So, I’m not going to set goals this year. I am not going to list resolutions of change.

I am going to set a Vision.

A leader always stretches their vision and their dream. A leader is always moving, learning and being part of a dream which is always bigger than themselves.

NYE 2013

A Vision is an aspirational description of what you would like to achieve or accomplish in the mid-term or long-term future. It is intended to serves as a clear guide for choosing current and future courses of action.

A vision statement doesn’t tell you how you’re going to get there but it does set the direction. Some tips read that when crafting a vision statement let your imagination go and dare to dream make sure it captures your passion. I keep writing and rewriting mine. I am trying to articulate what make me want to work hard, what drives me and how do I want to live my

I have another week of holidays before back to work and I hope to have a first draft written in my diary before then. No more same old goal lists but a clear personal vision statement where I am confident all activities and decisions will build a basis from for 2013. Can’t wait.

Have you thought to write a 2013 personal vision statement?



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  1. I haven’t really thought of writing my own personal vision statment for 2013 because I seem to let myself down when i make resolutions or something similar but it would be nice to get it all down on paper and reflect on it every month to see how I’m progressing!!Great idea!

    I hope you’re having a great week and a Happy New Year!

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    Jean {What Jean Likes}

  2. I love your idea of setting a vision statement. I am not into the New Year’s resolutions at all. Only 8% of people keep them and I believe that people use New Year’s resolutions as an excuse to do nothing the rest of the year. Having a vision for where you are going is lovely. I enjoyed meeting you on TribePro!

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