A Liberation lot of people dream of change. Making something different of themselves. Setting themselves free from whatever is holding them back from achieving a life’s dream. Most people want the lifestyle, the travel, the income, the great love and flexibility but a lesser few will invest in themselves to make it happen. Making it happen falls into doing what it takes, educating yourself, identifying true mentors, personal development and making sacrifices and focus. So when the opportunity to step into the Liberation Shift 3 Day “Closer To Free” Bali Retreat with Jody Jelas and Victoria Gibson came up in early January  this year, I dared to believe that I too could start to let go of things holding me back from achieving my business goals. The Liberation shift was all about celebrating each individual and what ever their vision is for inspiring businesses.  It is also about experiencing first hand what up leveling is by creating an epic lifestyle while in the company of inspirational leaders and high level thinkers.

You see my life is busy. No I mean it. CRAZY BUSY. I accept lots of jobs, help lots of people, work very late every night and with the twins starting school this year and a wedding to plan I don’t get much for myself. So when I was selected to come with Jody and Victoria to Bali for the first “Closer To Free” Bali Retreat, I ever so dared to believe that I needed such a break. It didn’t matter that I could only escape for 3 nights and bought the cheapest flights possible – but six hours on the plane was nothing in return for some peace, me time and time to reflect where I was and where I was going and what I would learn by hanging out with some inspirational women who are achieving dreams of lifestyle, travel and getting it right.

So with last minutes excitement and an itinerary that read a combination of activities from surfing, yoga, massages, palm reading, combined with getting specifics done with one-on-one coaching and mentoring, I said goodbye to my partner and the kids for a quick flight to Bali. A place I had only visited once before as a gangly 13 year old and certainly a place where major changes had taken place over the past 20 years from the hair braiding on the beach and cheap Billabong clothes from my memories.

It is a luxury to take time out. I mean real time, not half an hour escape here and there while in the car or bathroom. How often do you take real time out away from your partner, kids, colleagues, work and all those other commitments to focus on you and your business?


 To relax without any other distractions to ponder, write and talk business.

In reflection over the Bali retreat I welcomed 3 new shifts in my mindset towards Liberation.

My first Liberation shift was the metaphor of a fence-less pool.

Note: This story is for metaphor only. I do not endorse pools with no fences due to child water safety 🙂

As I walked into the gates of my own private villa, a clear blue pool welcomed me and a bizarre feeling of complete freedom.  Just the feeling to be living in an apartment with not a pool fence was a bizarre feeling of bliss which just set the feeling for the rest of the of the weekend. A pool to let go and float in at midnight, a pool to dive in after a long afternoon sun and a pool to wake up too to freshen up the day was the start of letting go of all the busyiness I had created that was holding me back in my life and business. Since coming home, every time I do have those spare 5 minutes I shut my eyes and remember that feeling of a fence-less pool and I can hold that feeling of peace once again.

My second Liberation shift was made made clear during the group coaching session.

The old saying you need to work ON your business not in your business rang true. Time again it was made clear that in order for me to grow my business, I needed to stop working. As soon as I stopped “working” and trying so hard, the creativity opened up like a tap. Ideas and solutions came easily and stress to give results and perform disappear. To hold on to creativity, I need to let things go. Now I am taking action to let that happen and already there has been some positive things happening since I got home.

My third Liberation shift was confirmation that I am on the right track and continue to dig deep and believe in myself.

A Balinese palm reader was part of the itinerary and a highlight I was looking forward too as its a must for any Eat, Pray, Love inspired retreat. Completely open to what ever was to be said, I was initially disappointed to the lack of any significant amazing future telling stories. This differed from the anecdotal stories of wonderful messages received from friends. Over the past few weeks I have pondered over the reading and have now come to a slow positive realization that what he was telling me was fortunately there will be no massive disruption, all past hurts are long gone and I am definitely on track to achieve my goals.  Everything I have asked for is in progress. Everything I want, I can achieve. No need for fear of the future as every hear will build on success from the last. So with that shift in thought it was a relief and gratitude.

So as the “Closer To Free” Bali Retreat came to a close I felt to fortunate to be with a wonderful group of smart inspiring women who have come together for all different kind of reasons and journeys. Slight shifts in my business have already been happening and I am looking forward to what 2015 brings. I can’t wait to keep tracking my goals and seeing the results it brings with these few liberation shifts for personal freedom. What will be your Liberation shift this year?

Bali Retreat Liberation Retreat

Lisa x