Pinterest has seriously taken the social media limelight by quickly evolving from being yesteryears’ niche startup to becoming a social media powerhouse that can be a marketing genie for any business. Rich content, consistent pinning, thriving follower growth, and more re-pins is what every business seeks, to get itself noticed on this digital soft board, and therefore, Pinterest has made it a point to optimize itself for its commercial members.

For those who are trying to figure out a way to penetrate into other pinners’ fan base to get more brand exposure, Pinterest puts an end to your marketing woes by offering you a solution called ‘Group Boards.’

How do Group Boards Work?

Group boards simply refer to Pinterest boards that are administered by multiple contributors who share a common interest. You can simply start by creating a board relevant to your business, and invite other relevant pinners through Pinterest Messenger, to pin to your board. As a result, anyone following the contributors’ profiles gets added to the group board’s following and instantly magnifies your brand’s Pinterest reach.

Follow these five simple steps to convert any board into a group board:
1. Go to the respective board and click edit.
2. Enter your prospective group member’s first and last name, or email address, under ‘Who can add Pins?’
3. Select their name from the drop-down menu
4. Repeat the same instructions for other users you’d like to add
5. Save the Changes

Get More Business Exposure by Using Pinterest’s Group Boards!

How can your business benefit from using group boards?

If you are still thinking of them as virtual folders to organize ideas and bring like-minded people together, you may have another thing coming! Have a look at the following benefits that group boards can offer to your brand and business.

Creating or participating in a group board can radically boost your followers

The best part about having group boards is the dramatic push it gives to your Pinterest following. Once a user chooses to ‘follow all’ of any of your contributor’s boards, they get added as followers to the group board you share with them. This particular advantage of gaining increased exposure and visibility makes group boards instrumental in augmenting your follower growth.

More followers = More Repins = More Traffic to Your Site

Having more followers (and in turn, their followers) ultimately translates into your business idea getting noticed by a larger audience, more people repinning your pins, and eventually, more leads to your business website. The traffic boost can virtually result into more subscriptions, word-of-mouth marketing and even sales.
You get a team of pinners creating content for you!Implement this strategy efficiently and it will put your pinning activities practically on autopilot! Through group boards, you can instantly have a team of pinners responsible for your content and its exposure across their individual networks. So, basically, you get a free-rider’s advantage by having other people create content for your group board!

Having your customers become contributors makes them feel more connected to your brand

Your customers are your best brand ambassadors, and by inviting them to contribute to your brand’s group board, you can get them more engaged into your brand’s Pinterest presence and ignite their brand loyalty. And, the fan base that your group board absorbs as a result of having them on board will just be a cherry on top!

5 ways to harness the power of group boards in your marketing mix

  • When creating a group board, make sure to choose a specific topic that other users are actively pinning about, and get into a habit of pinning fresh content daily. A few examples of popular group boards that resonate within their target audience include: Just Good Food, Pinterest Tips + Tricks for Business, and Everyone’s Social Media Resource
  • Novice pinners or group boards can be the perfect platform to get your business content noticed on Pinterest! Start by creating a brand-centric group board that reflects your business idea, and focus on pinning other pinners’ content (handpick the relevant ones!) to that board on a daily basis. This will not only absorb other users’ followers into your following, but your consistency and pinning volume will also help you get recommendations to pinners of similar content. For example, if you run an event management business, and created a group board called, “DIY Party Favors”, focus on pinning DIY hacks and cost-effective party favor ideas to your board every day, and send out group board invitations to pertinent people for the same field to increase you brand exposure and getting enough content without losing your sleep over it.
  • Pinterest only allows you to invite other users to contribute to your group boards, if you both follow at least one of the other boards. Therefore, once you spot a potential contributor, make sure to start following at least one other mutual board in order to send an invite.
  • Your potential contributors would never want to contribute to an empty board, so before you proactively invite others to pin to your group board, grow it yourself to have an impactful first impression. It will take a couple of weeks of continuous pinning before contributors will be able to find your board relevant and decide to invest their content in it.
  • Take this one as a holy commandment for your group board’s effectiveness: Once established, keep an eye on your contributors and the group board content. Keep a track of the genre of the content and ensure that it stays relevant to your brand image. Discourage any personal pins, spam or impertinent promotions on your board. Pinterest allows you to remove a contributor or delete an existing board in case of any unsatisfactory activities.

If you are not the creator of a group board, and planning to accept a pending invite, be selective as the pins will also appear on your brand page’s feed, and therefore, can make or break your corporate image on Pinterest. Scan the content before you accept a group board invitation, and note the number of followers on the board to determine the potential it holds for brand exposure.

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Being part of group boards can really be an effective strategy, if leveraged to its full potential. In addition to focusing on your contributors and the content, you can really magnify your marketing prospects by tracking your followers and their profiles. An influential follower, with a good size following can be a perfect asset to your group board; and the fact that they have already shown interest in your board indicates their mutual tastes and relevance to your brand.

Who knows their contributions and recognition might as well become a game-changer for your business’s Pinterest popularity?

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